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Need to build a solid brand foundation before you level up your business? It's OK, we got you...


Our workshops are geared toward entrepreneurs, startups, and business curious individuals who are looking to invest in their bright ideas and develop their own professional outlook.

Whether you accidentally turned your passion into a business and need help laying out a road map for growth or you are just getting started and need to hone your investment pitch, we can help you focus on the key aspects of your brand.

Our guided exercises based on working with international brands and real world examples will help you communicate clearly and develop better relationships with partners, creatives, and most importantly your audience.

Much like building a house a brand requires a strong foundation. Clear blueprints and an understanding of what materials you need are essential before you begin. Through our guided framework exercises you will walk away with language that applies to your mission, vision, values, unique value proposition and more.
We don't provide all the answers but we do provide a lasting toolset you can develop on your own. Our pitch deck templates, resource reference list, and workshop documentation zine allow you to continue to scale your business the right way after the workshop is over.
Ongoing Consultation
While our workshops run small, sometimes one-on-one time is needed. We provide sign ups for personal consultations during the workshop and can schedule future consultations to provide ongoing advice, inspiration, or a much needed breath of motivation.

Workshop 1


This workshop enables you to speak successfully to your audience, employees, contractors, and investors. A solid brand foundation informs marketing, branding, and communication and is an important place to start working on your business.

    What We'll Discuss
  1. Unique Value Proposition
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Values
  4. Market Positioning
  5. Signature Language/Voice
  6. Audience / Target Market
    What You'll Take Away
  1. Basic Understanding of Your Brand Foundation
  2. Unique Value Proposition Draft
  3. Templated Keynote Pitch Deck
  4. Workshop Documentation
  5. Resource Reference Sheet
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